Squarebizz Bory Halls A B E

After the completion of Squarebizz Bory project, the total green roofs area will be approximately equal to the area of two football fields and within its construction will capture approximately 25 litres of rainwater per square meter. Currently, within the completed first phase, the project will bring approximately 6,000 square meters of green roof on buildings A, B and E, so at the moment the owner is able to retain approx. 150,000 litres of rainwater in total. The second phase will add more than 7,000 square meters of green roofs, so Squarebizz Bory will have around 175,000 litres of rainwater retained. In addition to the green roofs, 194 deciduous trees, 153 deciduous shrubs and 10,650 square meters of lawn will be planted throughout the Squarebizz Bory project after delivery of Phase II.

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